Tue, 06.09.2022

Lerchenfelder Gürtel,
U-Bahnbogen 37 und 38
1080 vienna


Vvk € 13,- / Ak € 15,-

White Boy Scream

White Boy Scream is the experimental classical project from opera singer and composer Micaela Tobin. On her latest release, 'BAKUNAWA', (Deathbomb Arc) she dissects her voice through the use of electronics as a means of exploring identity and ancestral trauma. “BAKUNAWA” is an homage to the pre-colonial mythology of her motherland, the Philippines. Part sonic ritual, part diasporic storytelling, Tobin “wields her voice and her instruments as both tools and weapons...”(The Wire Magazine).
In Spring of 2020 Micaela premiered the film-adaptation of the album through REDCAT, Los Angeles, titled “BAKUNAWA: Opera of the Seven Moons.” She is currently in the process of writing the sequel to the opera, “APOLAKI: Opera of the Seven Moons”, set to premiere in Spring 2023.

Micaela Tobin is currently on Faculty as a Voice Instructor at the California Institute for the Arts. She most recently performed a principal role in the critically acclaimed experimental opera, Sweet Land (comp. Raven Chacon & Du Yun), which made it’s U.S. premiere in March 2020. Her previous album, 'Remains' was listed as one of the top 10 Noise/Industrial Albums of 2018 by The Wire Magazine.

For these performances, Micaela will be joined by co-writer and multi-instrumentalist Rhea Fowler, and percussionist Adam Starkopf.

updated: 29.09.2022