The Burning Hell / Mathias Kom & Toby Goodshank
220930 - The Burning Hell / Mathias Kom & Toby Goodshank

The Burning Hell / Mathias Kom & Toby Goodshank

Fri, 30.09.2022

Lerchenfelderstrasse 23
1070 Wien

20:00 - doors
20:30 - Mathias Kom & Toby Goodshank
21:15 - The Burning Hell

Vk € 18,- / Ak € 20,-

The Burning Hell

Based in PEI and Newfoundland, The Burning Hell is led by songwriter Mathias Kom and currently features multi-instrumentalist collaborators Ariel Sharratt and Jake Nicoll. 2022 will see the release of the band’s latest album Garbage Island on You’ve Changed Records in North America and BB*Island internationally, supported by tour dates in Canada, the UK, and Europe.

Over a varied musical career, The Burning Hell have remained idiosyncratic and unclassifiable, much to the delight of those who love them. Although musical style and influence differs from record to record, the constant has always remained Kom's singular outlook on the world: wise and naive, cynical and life-affirming, full of brilliant, unexpected narratives and a deeply felt generosity of spirit. The band's live performances underscore these themes: they exhibit a joy and camaraderie too infrequently seen on stage. Indeed, the essence of the band is inclusive and celebratory; whether on stage or on record, there's something for everyone.

Mathias Kom & Toby Goodshank

The Burning Hell’s own Mathias Kom will be opening the show with a short set of songs from his new collaboration with Toby Goodshank, Miller Time, an homage to the late, great American weirdo songwriting genius Roger Miller.

updated: 29.09.2022