SKI (PL) / PAUL TAYLOR (GB / Suttcliffe Jugend)
240309 - SKI (PL) / PAUL TAYLOR (GB / Suttcliffe Jugend)

SKI (PL) / PAUL TAYLOR (GB / Suttcliffe Jugend)

Sat, 09.03.2024

Preysinggasse 5
1150 Wien

19:30 - doors
20:00 - Paul Taylor
21:00 - SKI

Vvk € 13,- / Ak € 15,-


Formed in 2022, Damian Kowalski's solo project, SKI, has evolved from its initial afrojazz roots into minimalist, intensely amplified arrangements with subtle modulations. Ideas that were originally part of a larger musical landscape in collaborations with other musicians or bands (such as KKZ and Rozwód) have developed enough to serve as the foundation for independent compositions.

A pivotal moment came with the recording of the first material, soon to be released on Pointless Geometry, where danceability meets rough-textured distortion, and uncompromising creativity ensures the audience remains engaged. The production process, focused on capturing the organic aspect of playing an amplified drum kit - without metronomes and overdubs - has yielded material captivating in its simplicity and expression, echoing the UK bass, UK dub, footwork, and techno scenes.

While there are many influences, SKI's proposal appears highly direct and fresh, devoid of pretentiousness, focusing on groove and the feedback relationship with rhythm itself.

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor image

is one half of Sutcliffe No More, formerly Sutcliffe Jugend. He is and was also a member of Inertia, Bodychoke and Slaves No More. Most of his music has its background in the power electronics scene that evolved in Great Britain around the label Come Organisation and the group Whitehouse.

Power electronics is a style of noise music that typically consists of static, screeching waves of feedback, analogue synthesizers making sub-bass pulses or high frequency squealing sounds; with screamed and distorted vocals. The genre is noted for its influence from industrial. It is generally atonal, like most noise music and also features a lack of conventional melodies or rhythms. To match its sonic excess, power electronics relies heavily upon extreme thematic and visual content: whether in lyrics, album art, or live performance actions.

For Submerged, a very private and introspective album, Paul lets the psyche dive deep into the depths of the ocean. The music is dark, droney and meditative.

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